Bank of England Museum

Welcome Kiosk

One of a series of interactive installations produced for the Museum between 2002 and 2005. The welcome kiosk greets visitors via a large format digital 'attractor'. The information touchpoint provides a short history of the Bank, floorplans, exhibit information, and an events schedule. As creative director and information architect at Central Industrial I was responsible for the inital account aquisition, consultancy, purchasing, client management, design direction and installation.

The application was developed using Director with elements of embedded Flash, and custom video controllers to drive the large format plasma and touch screens.

  • Client: The Bank of England Museum
  • Tasks: Consultancy, Concept & UI Design, Information Architecture, Programming
  • Agency: Central Industrial
  • Collaborators: John Keyworth (Curator)
  • Location: London, UK
  • Bank of England Museum
    The 'Attractor' Sequence
  • Bank of England Museum
    Main Menu + Amenities screen
  • Bank of England Museum
    Key Exhibits
  • Bank of England Museum
    Screen Detail: Key Exhibits
  • Bank of England Museum
    Screen Detail: Exhibit Info